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About MOR

The Mother of Reinvention community is a private, members-only space designed to support and encourage midlife moms as they answer the question: what’s next? 

Whether you’re dealing with midlife health changes, trying to dial in your wellness routine, dealing with "big-kid" parenting (or feeling like the oldest mom at preschool pickup), going through a divorce (or on the other side of one), facing a mid-career pivot, or planning your eventually-empty nest, Meagan and the MOR community are here to help with:

  • Supportive, encouraging goal-setting activities 

  • A nurturing and inclusive environment

  • Restorative, wellness-centered activities to help you transform from the inside out

  • Book discussions and seasonal themes that align personal goals with life’s demands

Why Join?

More Than A Message Board (And No Facebook Required!)
This is a safe, friendly place where you can discuss hard topics, ask for help, and explore your dreams and set actionable goals to meet them. Instead of getting distracted by a busy feed, you’ll be able to really dig in on big topics with other women going through the same things as you. Replace mindless scrolling and unhealthy comparisons with targeted, relevant content, in-depth discussion, and real relationships.

Curated, Customized Content With Your Needs In Mind
Midlife moms have unique needs. We may be dealing with perimenopause or menopause symptoms, experiencing the aftermath of divorce, or trying to pivot our careers. Our kids may be starting their adult lives, just coming into the world, or both! Maybe we're caring for elderly parents or counting down the days until our nest is finally empty. We may finally feel like we've got our financial ducks in a row, or we may be trying to recover after a setback. No matter our individual circumstances, though, we are likely not feeling represented by much of the media catering to moms. Mother of Reinvention is different because it's made just for midlife moms. 

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